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You rather frequently meet interesting music, games or a picture which you want to upload to your mobile phone or to phone of your friends or your darlings. But not always you have opportunity to connect your mobile phone to PC or laptop and the more so phone of your friend. In this case you will be helped by our service which allows to exchange files and upload them in mobile phone through WAP, by default built-in in any modern mobile phone!
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You want to have an opportunity at any time to load your file on ours WAP Upload; and thus to spend a minimum of efforts? Then take advantage of our program which always near at hand and expands functionality of ours an online of service and allows to remember your default settings.


Online service  

No a cable or an IrDA? No problems! Our WAP exchange service will help you.

Your name (nickname)   I want to upload a file to a private area (if you didn't log in yet, please, do it now)
Your phone manufacturer
File name
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You can upload:
  • Cards (*.vcf, *.vcs) - up to 500 kB;
  • Graphics, images and pictures (*.ani, *.bmp, *.gif, *.jpeg, *.jpg, *.n3a, *.nok, *.pco, *.pic, *.png, *.wbmp) - up to 1500 kB;
  • JAVA and applications (*.cod, *.jad, *.jar, *.mpn, *.ngd, *.nqd, *.sis) - up to 2500 kB;
  • Mobile music (*.aac, *.adp, *.amr, *.dxm, *.emy, *.imy, *.mid, *.midi, *.mmf, *.mp3, *.mp4, *.pmd, *.rng, *.seq, *.vox, *.wav) - up to 1500 kB;
  • Mobile phone themes (*.col, *.mtf, *.nth, *.scs, *.sdt, *.thm) - up to 1500 kB;
  • Mobile video (*.3gp, *.avi, *.mpeg, *.rm) - up to 2500 kB;

A full list of formats supported you can get on this page >>>.

How it works: You can upload files with help of the form above. Select a file on your disk, type your name and click the "Upload" button. Then our file will be placed on our WAP site WAP.WAP-UPLOAD.NET. Then, in your phone go to the "Internet" menu item and navigate to our site, where you can download your file from a private or a public area. If you want to place your file to a private area, then you should to register here.

Note: If while connecting from you phone you'll get an error message, please, check up your Internet (WAP or GPRS) settings and try again. An uploading process can take up to 3 minutes. Please, wait the end of uploading.

Last uploads  

Last upload to the public area: 01/30/15 19:30

File name
46k.gif B Open
MemoryManager.cod mihajlo1985 123 kB Open
com_plazmic_theme_Blacker... mihajlo1985 99 kB Open
aerize.wifix. alice 59 kB Open
FExplorer_english_117.SIS tudorvint 118 kB Symbian 8, FExplorer v1.17 Open
FExplorer_english_3ed_121... tudorvint 464 kB Symbian 91, - FExplorer v1.21 Open
Ultramp3 Final Fantasy Sk... mihailo 228 kB Symbian 8, Ultramp3 FinalFantasy Skin v1.0 Open
fixss.sis Bob 3 kB Symbian 8, fixss v1.5 Open
gmhnobb81xx.cod biGdada 1385 kB Open
webcam_s60_v_3_0.sis non 305 kB Symbian 91, Warelex LLC - Mobiola Webcam 3 v3.0.11 Open

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